Why Solar?

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Getting your electricity from Solar Panels – Make Sense!

Installing Solar for your business or home gives back control in your hands.

We will tailor your solar system western australia requirements based on your usage pattern, available roof space and affordability

Helping towards ‘Net ZERO’ emission target.

Benefits of solar system.

Reduce your carbon footprint and do the right thing for your community.

Take advantage of the government rebates and slash your electricity bills.

Increase your property value.

Be ready for electric vehicles.

Tips to save more!

After installing solar, there are many factors that can affect your payback of the system.

Make sure you have installed enough panels to generate electricity you required and use more energy at day time

Shop around for electricity prices and feed-in tariff credits

Use energy efficient appliances and only use it when needed

Let’s make Australia a better place for generations to come!

why OZ Energy Solutions

Solar System Western Australia

Tailored Energy Solution

Based on your energy consumption, we will prepare suitable solar system to offset your energy usage.

Site Assessment

Take advantage of our free site inspection services and we will prepare your solar quotation, depending on your roof type, power supply. There may be an additional cost if any electrical upgrade is required on site.

Engineering & Approvals

A CEC accredited team member will prepare your solar system design and grid connection approval process.

Installation & Feed-in Tariffs

Our Operations team will book your installation at your convenience and provide product warranties and Certificate of Compliance for electrical work (CCEW). We will organize meter change application if required, commissioning your system and provide all the guidance to get Feed-In tariffs benefits as soon as possible.

After-Sales Customer Service

Our local staff members are ready to help you if you have any issues with your existing systems or you would like to refer to any of your friends or family members. 😊

Please send us your recent electricity bill to quote@ozenergysolutions.com.au
Based on you kwh usage, we will prepare your solar proposal and book your site visit at your convenience.

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Let’s Create A Greener And Cleaner Future Together!

Take Advantage of the Government Rebate and
participate in “Net Zero Emission” Target.

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